The Nostalgia Box Musuem
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The Nostalgia Box Museum
Shop 3, 16 Aberdeen Street
Telephone 08 9227 7377

For those of us who grew up in the Seventies and Early Eighties, the video games of the day hold a special place in our hearts. When Nekohime and I learned that a video game museum had opened up in Northbridge showcasing a range of first to sixth generation game consoles, we had to go along. So as an anniversary treat, we took ourselves off to the city to investigate and partake of a night on the town.

The Nostalgia Box is located next to the Central Institute of TAFE on Aberdeen Street, accessible between stops 6 and 7 on the Blue CAT line. Entry is $14 per adult or $10 per child although family and student discounts are available. The venue can be hired for special events and parties as well.

As you enter, the main museum is to your left with two long hallways lined with both consoles and packages sorted by age on display, with cards to explain some of the history behind the unit. Not all the information is absolute, some based on popular myth, but not all inaccuracies are widely known or understood.

Once you have meandered your way through the displays, an open area behind the main reception area has a number of classic consoles set up for play with the games of the day listed on a board. Older consoles don’t always work well with modern flat panel televisions, often highlighting the design limitations of the area – others whilst hooked up to older CRT televisions demonstrate that even the most carefully preserved console will still eventually expire. Some of the gaming museums in the UK have taken their original consoles off display and replaced them with emulated games hosted on a Raspberry Pi – though the games play well and display fine on a modern monitor, it feels like some of the rationale behind the museum has been lost.

On a Saturday afternoon, the the museum wasn’t packed but enough people were present that few of the demonstration consoles were accessible – a number of children and their parents made it clear that they had no intention of moving. The first system we tried was a ColecoVision running Donkey Kong. Nekohime recognised the game though she wasn’t familiar with the console. The console itself was quite advanced for its day and home computers with similar specifications continued to be made up until the Early Nineties. An upgrade cartridge known as Adam allowed owners to add Atari VCS (aka Atari 2600) compatibility to their system and expand their games library – Atari tried to sue Coleco Industries over this but lost their case since the VCS was largely assembled from off the shelf parts.

Whilst she courted Mario and his dungarees across the scaffolding in an attempt to bop Donky Kong with a hammer, in investigated a few more systems – a Vectrex, which I had not seen since primary school and was startled by the clarity and smoothness of its vector graphics, an original Telstar pong clone (with which I soundly defeated Nekohime 2 – 15 and then 0 – 15 but I’m not permitted to show that photo) and a number of third, fourth and fifth generation systems including the Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64 and an Atari Lynx amongst many, many more.

If you or a member of your family have an interest in classic gaming, The Nostalia Box is well worth a visit. Classic consoles can also be purchased here, though they don’t buy or trade in consoles, games or accessories themselves. However, outside of eBay and Gumtree, systems and accessories can be purchased from stores at Malaga Markets and Wanneroo Markets as well as trading fairs as hosted by Collector Zone Toy and Hobby Fair.

Nekohime and Erky at the beginning of our generation

Nekohime and Erky at the beginning of our generation

No Commodore Amiga on display but they did have the Amiga CD32, the A1200's evil twin

No Commodore Amiga on display but they did have the Amiga CD32, the A1200’s evil twin

It appears they have raided my home

It appears they have raided my home

Donkey Kong on the ColecoVision

Donkey Kong on the ColecoVision

2 to 15 - The other photo I'm not permitted to show

2 to 15 – The other photo I’m not permitted to show

Site status
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Its been a couple of years since we updated anything here – including the WordPress engine itself.

We’ll be looking to update this soon so don’t be suprised if the site keels over for a bit.

Bet you can’t guess who this is?
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2 incredibly famous guys. Everyone on the planet knows who they are.

Who are they?


Kudos and an Atari 2600 to the first person to post the correct identities of these 2 fine fellows.

Chrome strikes out into lucrative business venture…..
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Stinkypits/Chrome is photographed raising capital for trip to Syntax 2009.

She promised to bring Quetzal's van back.....

It was bound to happen sooner or later
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In honour of the bottle of Chrome branded Falling Down Liquid

A stop for Chrome Liquid Madness (or Style's Jackson Pollock impersonations)

New Chrome Release
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Style, along with help from a 3rd party, has managed to put together the following release. The genetic coding was quite pleasurable, but it took 9 months to link and release!


Eeeeek! Talk about legendary!
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Just came across this photo on This took me by surprise, as these two gentlemen are my #1 and #2 absolute favourite drummers of all time. The order isn’t important, but let’s just say Eric lost points for wearing the stupid cat makeup 🙂

For those who are wondering, these two guys are Eric Singer from Black Sabbath/KISS/ESP and Mike Bordin from Faith No More/Ozzie Osborne…….I think Eric is techically the better drummer, but I just love Mike’s lanky spastic style.

Being good, it gets you.........stuff!


[edit] and as per Kris’ request:

God of Minor-meterological-events?

Useless item of the week
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As per Style’s suggestion.
Useless item of the week – the tape duplicator device.  It uses two datasettes – one to  play the tape, one to copy.  Uses the C64’s cassette socket power outlet with a chip that shapes the signal into nice clean square waves.  I’ve not used it myself, even though I have owned this for some 16 years.  Its lived in my desk drawer all this time.

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I couldn’t pass this one up….. this is seriously the worst cover art I’ve ever seen on anything, ever. Is anyone else thinking “backyard operators with 13 year old son”? Is anyone else thinking “why did they draw fur on that photo of the kid with down syndrome”? Is anyone else thinking “why does that poor man have a penis for a nose”?

I have no idea what the game itself is like, because the tape is now broken since I vomited on it.

Seriously, if you’re out there, and you drew this 25 years ago…… YOU SUCK.

Beware! or he'll dribble on you and start crying!

OK……so we are ‘woody’ apparently?
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Our spirit is bottled.... or something.So imaginative - he might as well have called it 'demo'
Update: We always thought ‘Vanadium’ was such an imaginative name……..