OK……so we are ‘woody’ apparently?
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Our spirit is bottled.... or something.So imaginative - he might as well have called it 'demo'
Update: We always thought ‘Vanadium’ was such an imaginative name……..

And then there was Lame
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In keeping with the current channel theme of “To the trees!  To the trees!”, here are a couple of images of Quetzal
and Erky attempting to conquer some tall, bendy things during their Made in Japan tour of 2005.
To the trees! To the...tall, bendy things!To the trees! To the...tall, bendy things!

That, and there is another gallery, extracted from The Quetzal Files.

And then Style saw the Lame and saw that it was Wonky
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And Style took the lame database and unmunted it and made it work like it is supposed to.

And Erky saw the unmunted database and said that it is Good.  And posted an update.