Everything lame is Chrome again

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Good morning and welcome to the new beta Chrome website.

And already that begs the question “Is anything we do ever out of Beta stage?”

The original Chrome website  has been online for a number of years but without any updates so this is an attempt to refresh it and also make it more manageable – rather than the well worn, old fashioned, hand tooled HTML that we’ve always preferred up until now.

For now, members of Chrome will be able to post updates of various of various projects that we are undertaking and also update the world as to other little side projects that we are investigating and sundry topics that capture our attention

Thank you for watching.


  1. No updates to speak of as yet, still learning how to drive the system and pouring through the documentation. I’ll have to see about learning Javascript and CSS in the near future.

    Comment by admin — 2007-10-20 @ 23:22 +0000

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  3. And I will sort the hosting out…… really I will! 🙂

    Comment by Style — 2007-12-20 @ 17:11 +0000

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  5. And so you have done and, moreover, you fixed the mangled database.

    Yayness plural.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-02-03 @ 17:34 +0000

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