And then Style saw the Lame and saw that it was Wonky

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And Style took the lame database and unmunted it and made it work like it is supposed to.

And Erky saw the unmunted database and said that it is Good.  And posted an update.

  1. The issue was that the backup script, altho 100% correct, failed to create the tables correctly and all the primary keys were no longer auto_increment.

    I think the newer versions of Mysql use the ‘serial’ keyword instead, but this is definitely a bug.

    All I did was change all the necessary fields to be auto_increment, and manually set the auto_increment value. And voila! Chromey lameness is back!


    Comment by style — 2008-02-04 @ 09:30 +0000

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  3. [MICROSOFT ANTICOMPETITIVE BEHAVIOUR] bro, who taught you english.. i dont understand a solitary word of what you just wrote..

    Anyhow, if i dont get a chance to talk to you anytime soon.. my 64 [INSTALLED WINDOWS] itself last year, i dont currently have a pc and yeah..

    sms me with an update if anything is happening.. i will try and collectively organazize my [SOLID WASTE EXHAUST PORT] into gear if it is worthwhile.. 🙂

    P.S: slart musnt be back because the website is up 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Comment by fade — 2008-02-05 @ 07:47 +0000

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  5. heya Si 🙂

    Nah, Kris got the website up. We saw Slarti around a few months back, but I think he’s bogged down with real life projects to bother with us 8-bitters 🙂

    BTW, youll notice a pretty hefty swear filter is in action here 😀


    Comment by style — 2008-02-05 @ 14:49 +0000

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