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I couldn’t pass this one up….. this is seriously the worst cover art I’ve ever seen on anything, ever. Is anyone else thinking “backyard operators with 13 year old son”? Is anyone else thinking “why did they draw fur on that photo of the kid with down syndrome”? Is anyone else thinking “why does that poor man have a penis for a nose”?

I have no idea what the game itself is like, because the tape is now broken since I vomited on it.

Seriously, if you’re out there, and you drew this 25 years ago…… YOU SUCK.

Beware! or he'll dribble on you and start crying!

  1. And why is the girl lacking legs? Why is she checking how her nails are looking when the situation is so serious? What are those green things? How come Kong’s hand is growing right out of his shoulder?
    But the umbrella is not too bad I guess.

    Comment by Quetzal — 2008-05-17 @ 10:23 +0000

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  3. Bad enough its a clone of Donkey Kong and Popeye, but its just as well that the woman looks completely unconcerned since the Rah-Rah-Rupert (or is it a Hoorah Henry?) with appalling dress sense looks quite incapable of rescuing anything, not even his dignity. He’s probably just trying to get the girl’s door pass for Stringfellows.

    Even the antropoid is so disgusted, its vomiting on what looks to be Porky Pig’s disfigured brother.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-05-17 @ 10:40 +0000

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  5. I unfortunately made the mistake of actually loading the game, more in morbid curiosity than anything.

    Let’s just say it makes the artwork look better.

    The game is utter tripe. If I had bought this back in the 80s Id have been *pissed*. Half-arsed DK ripoff with the world’s most atrocious collision detection.

    I feel dirty. Kill me now.

    Comment by style — 2008-05-18 @ 17:31 +0000

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