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As per Style’s suggestion.
Useless item of the week – the tape duplicator device.  It uses two datasettes – one to  play the tape, one to copy.  Uses the C64’s cassette socket power outlet with a chip that shapes the signal into nice clean square waves.  I’ve not used it myself, even though I have owned this for some 16 years.  Its lived in my desk drawer all this time.

  1. Im willing to bet they use the 74LS04 to double invert the signal to, as you say, clean up the signal a bit…. or something like that.

    Comment by style — 2008-05-18 @ 17:41 +0000

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  3. believe it or not, I might need to borrow this 😀 I have a bounty bob strikes back tape here that refuses to load, but I also have a working version so I might just copy the working over the nonworking and see if it helps 🙂

    Comment by style — 2008-05-19 @ 18:25 +0000

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