The me who is not me

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Came across this entirely by chance. A person apparently of the shiny skull brigade who writes music, designs games, takes photographs and lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Further investigations pending.

  1. EGADS!!!! THERE BE 2 OF THEM!!!!!


    Comment by style — 2008-05-23 @ 15:53 +0000

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  3. Perhaps you set that page up while in Japan without knowing/remembering it? Most likely after we had consumed that shochu with the “Umeboshi of Doom” lurking in the bottom of the glasses.

    Comment by Quetzal — 2008-05-23 @ 21:05 +0000

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  5. Any drink that has an organically grown jellyfish at the bottom of the glass that goes “Eat me! Eeeaaat meeee!” has got to be potent. One never knows.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-05-23 @ 23:27 +0000

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  7. Perhaps the organically grown jellyfish lifted your wallet and stole your identity?

    I vote you write him an email that starts with “hello me, meet the real me, and my misfit way of life” 🙂

    Comment by style — 2008-05-25 @ 10:11 +0000

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  9. And he will think “Oh, Dave Mustaine has sent me a Megadeth lyrics.”

    Comment by Erky — 2008-05-25 @ 21:48 +0000

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