Space Taxi II project renewed

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Work has started again on one of the games Chrome/Kitchen Sink Productions originally conceptualised back in 1994.

Erky published a preview chapter of the Space Taxi 2 novel that he is working on, to generally positive response, and that seems to have refreshed everyone’s interest in the project.

Style has been developing the physics engine over the weekend, though there is little to demonstrate at this stage. Erky will dust off his music editors and start to actualise the soundtrack he has been putting together during the intervening years. Yes, he will be doing so, won’t he?

Until Fade and Redback have time to devise new graphics, test work will likely be done with sprites ripped from the original game.

Most of the concept work is being discussed on channel so we can bounce ideas off of each other. Or just throw food around, sometimes.

More news as it comes to keyboard.

  1. oh [WINDO-] .. wow, now i understand that email, i thought it was for the other thing we were doing..

    guess it pays to be on irc on the weekends…

    Comment by fade yo — 2008-05-28 @ 07:24 +0000

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  3. yeh man, we’ll need teh gfx if u and tony are up 4 it – probably best to wait until some of the game mechanics are functional though.

    BTW, what did you think the physics demo things I was sending were all about? 🙂

    Comment by style — 2008-05-28 @ 22:20 +0000

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  5. made some more progress over the past few days….. I hope to have a small physics demo ready by the end of next week, with the ship flying around/landing etc.

    Comment by style — 2008-05-30 @ 15:37 +0000

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  7. Excellent. Once that’s done, that’s the core of the game mechanics done – unless we think of more ideas over the next few days.

    Then we need to start looking at platform layouts, overall game design and features like sampled sound effects.

    Heard anything back from the Electronic Sound Systems person?

    Comment by Erky — 2008-05-30 @ 19:23 +0000

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  9. you know that other thing daniel was working on.. ? with the wdr bars? i thought it was related to that 🙂

    We’re getting drowned over here in Sydney town, so hopefully i will be around on the weekend to get all the latest goss and stuff.

    Comment by fade — 2008-06-03 @ 07:19 +0000

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  11. Erky: No idea if he’s written back yet, Im currently lacking access to my mail (its firewalled from w0k). Hopefully it wont take too long to get ADSL back up in the new house.

    wdr bars ftw!

    Comment by style — 2008-06-05 @ 09:03 +0000

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  13. Hmm…two weeks is a long time, even for Amnet. Heard any news as to when you’ll be back online again?

    You must be dying without internet access.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-16 @ 19:10 +0000

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  15. Maybe Style is so busy at coding Space Taxi 2 that he’s not had time to look at the internets?

    Comment by Quetzal — 2008-06-17 @ 16:25 +0000

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  17. nah, aapt/telstra screwing up yet again – amnet havent even entered the equation yet.

    Basically aapt got telstra to connect my phone, which they did, but now they claim that my phone isnt connected (even though the tech rang it and left a message) so amnet cant even begin the process…..


    Comment by Style — 2008-06-18 @ 15:40 +0000

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  19. That would be three strikes against AAPT then. That’s the third story I’ve heard of them stuffing up someone’s account (two occassions Telstra was involved, though).

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-18 @ 20:23 +0000

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  21. Better yet – temptation to go NakeeDSL, were it not such a ridiculous fee Telstra charge just for having a phone. Standard account plus $20 a month for a phone that doesn’t even work.

    I think once we get you up and running and settled in, we’ll have to organise a Chrome (Perth chapter) Meeting again.

    I shall resume attempt number two of building my new server.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-19 @ 20:50 +0000

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  23. indeed. nakedDSL is the way to go I think. We rarely use the phone as it is.

    A chromemeet sounds good. Ill let you know when we’re operational. The house will be running on wireless, so bring your craptop 🙂

    Comment by style — 2008-06-24 @ 09:48 +0000

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  25. That’s pretty much what I bought Mercury2 for.

    I still prefer cabling for most purposes, though – wireless is still too iffy for my taste, and too slow for mass data transfer. If I’d known I would still be here after all this time, I’d have got the place smartwired or similar.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-24 @ 12:34 +0000

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  27. yeh, dragging a 4G file over wireless sucks. Works for most applications though. IRC and browsing work just fine 😀

    Comment by style — 2008-06-25 @ 14:31 +0000

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  29. Indeed. As will playing videos.

    Unlike you, though, I don’t drag the notebook around the house and this 22″ screen isn’t exactly portable (did I mention my old desktop got ressurected as my Linux box slash games engine?)

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-25 @ 18:21 +0000

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  31. I usually use the desktop, but its wireless-less at the moment, so I need to pickup some PCI 54G cards – any recommendations?

    Comment by style — 2008-06-25 @ 19:07 +0000

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  33. We dumped most of our Netgear and D-Link stuff since it either doesn’t work or collapsed under strain. We stock primarily Linksys nowadays but I don’t know how well Linux is supported (outside of hacking their NAS boxes).

    You’re probably after cheap so you can always look at TP-Link.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-25 @ 20:31 +0000

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  35. apparently edimax have a 54G PCI card that uses the RT2561 chipset which works out of the box with linux.

    Finding them locally is ofcourse another story 😀

    Comment by style — 2008-06-26 @ 09:19 +0000

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    There seem to be a few places that sell them over here but none that appear to have a page of their own (or least admit to selling them on the page).

    Were we to set up a business name, I’m sure we’d have no trouble sourcing a lot of items at a better-then-usual price.

    Alternatively, a number of companies make ethernet to wireless adaptors (or adapters, if you must). I use a cheapo Asus one for my X-Box*cough*media centre and to add wireless to my existing router and they seem to co-operate reasonably.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-06-26 @ 19:24 +0000

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  39. Erky, you should jump on IRC to chat with Style since it does appear that he has once again joined the world of people with a working internet connection.

    Comment by Quetzal — 2008-06-26 @ 20:06 +0000

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  41. yes I am, indeedy. 13.5Mb of pure, unadulterated DSL goodness. Yummo.

    Comment by style — 2008-06-27 @ 15:25 +0000

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  43. I’m still down on 1.5Mbit but I do at least get 60GB a month worth of it.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-07-01 @ 20:46 +0000

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