Random pictures of appropriate lameness

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Another test under the tutelage of Princess Mistijen.

Accordingly, here are a couple of pictures of selected quantities of Chrome.


Youthfull Chrome - (A hirsute) Style and Erky aged 19 and a bitAn aptly named store in Yokohama, JapanQuetzal gets caught and tagged before being released back into the wild

  1. wow. cant believe we were once that young. BTW, who took the first photo? timer?

    Comment by Style — 2007-10-27 @ 08:25 +0000

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  3. We were, indeed. And that was about 18 months after we first met.

    The collective photo was taken by Dad since I don’t think we had the tripod handy at the time.

    View the next sequence of images to come shortly.

    Comment by admin — 2007-10-27 @ 21:27 +0000

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  5. I wait with worms on my tongue….. or something.

    Comment by Style — 2007-12-20 @ 17:12 +0000

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  7. i think I have a photo of me with a rat on my head here somewhere (from the same period). Should dig it up and run it across the scanner.

    Comment by style — 2008-02-03 @ 19:12 +0000

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  9. If you don’t have it, I probably do. It was taken the same evening.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-02-03 @ 19:41 +0000

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