What a waste of an afternoon

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I finally made time to try and install Vista Service Pack 1 on my notebook.  Not because there was something specific in there that I wanted but because I got fed up with the update manager prompting me to install it everytime I turned on the system.

I’d read a lot of reports that people had been having problems with the upgrade, usually managing to corrupt their installation instead.  I’m not one for taking unnecessary risks so I made a backup of all my data first (I work in IT so I have to lead by example).  After an hour of backing up, I shut down the virus scanner and let the update manager do its work – expecting it to take an hour, I wandered off to watch some videos that had been piling up on the media centre.

An hour later, I come back to find that the notebook had reset itself two thirds of the way through the upgrade and that Windows could no longer boot.  An attempt by Windows to fix itself was unsuccessful.  In the end, I gave up and booted the backup CD to start the restoration process – not realising that the restoration is all done in legacy mode and as a consequence would take about three hours.

So finally 6pm comes and the restoration is complete – I restart and Windows goes all sulky again because some of the boot information is different (I backed up using Acronis TrueImage 10 but could only find my boot CD for version 9, released about 9 months before Vista came out).  A diagnostic screen and attempted repair later, and I’m back up and running again – albeit without the Service Pack, accordingly the update manager is prompting me to install it again.

I’m going to have to look into this again at a later date but for now, I’ll wait until I absolutely have to upgrade.

In the meantime, I’m going to spend a little more time in the company of my newly assembled Linux box, trying out Kubuntu 8.04 for size and waiting for ReactOS to reach a usuable state.

Well done Microsoft, you’re the only corporation I know of that uses a sniper scope to shoot yourself in the foot.

  1. What a nightmare! That is why I will never “upgrade” to Vista, have heard far too many horror stories about it. Think I’ll skip this version of Windows entirely and wait to see what comes after it.

    Comment by Quetzal — 2008-07-09 @ 04:56 +0000

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  3. I have Vista on my laptop (along with Ubuntu and OSX) so I guess I wont be updating it any time soon 🙂

    This is known as a “foot bullet”. Why are Microsoft *trying* to piss off their customers?

    Comment by style — 2008-07-09 @ 07:41 +0000

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  5. Not to mention the problems that Service Pack 3 for XP caused as well.

    Vista itself isn’t all bad – I’ve been using on the notebook since November and its done pretty well, despite being more demanding for resources than XP. I think the only time its fallen over previously is when one of my external hard disks shut down due to a loose power cable, or a bad codec.

    That said, anyone who buys a new machine from me gets the option and 90% still go for XP.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-07-09 @ 11:13 +0000

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  7. Looks like the all bad vibes about Vista are true. My brother would debate me on that issue but he is a bit of a Microsoft-fanboy.
    It really makes me wonder if a switch to Apple and MacOSX is on the cards for me. The only thing that that makes me rethink a decision like that is gaming. However I don’t even play modern games now on PC. I guess that is what consoles are meant for not surfing the net and all jazz like that they do now.

    Anyway I’ll just keep going along with MS Window 2000. The only down side of 2K is that you can’t upgrade to the latest IE or MSN. If you consider that a bad thing 😛

    Comment by redback — 2008-07-10 @ 10:33 +0000

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  9. I’ve got a bit of everything here – Vista on the notebook, XP Pro on the server and Kubuntu on the other workstation.

    I’m going to twist Simon’s arm and get him to help me make that beast a little more comprehensible sometime in the near future (once I’ve shaken off the last of this cold).

    I figure that he’s probably somewhat preoccupied with Child #3 due any minute now. And he doesn’t need me spreading the plague.

    Comment by Erky — 2008-07-11 @ 18:53 +0000

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