Ubuntu 10.10

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I want to test this. but I’m going to need another hard disk to experiment with…

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

  1. Works great on my Acer Aspire One, running Avant Window Navagator and screenlets. Smooth as anything!

    Comment by style — 2010-10-04 @ 20:22 +0000

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  3. Found that with each successive version, support got worse and worse for my Acer Aspire – pretty much to teh point where I can’t use it anymore.

    Frustrating that I want to change my system to Linux but it doesn’t work that well for me (at least on my current hardware). I have an edition of 12.04 64bit that will run on the Mac so I might have to test it out on there.

    How are you going with the adware that’s included in 12.10?

    Comment by Erky — 2013-04-02 @ 14:47 +0000

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