Photo gallery – Project 97
28 Nov 2007

A collective photo of the most important attendees, with HLD proudly showing off his developers edition of OS/2ALiH is highly amused by the activities on #C-64Danger - Programmers at workPrimus adds his views to the final part of Pandemonium (22% version)Quetzal is highly amused by the activies on #C-64ALiH and HLD confer on a random maze generating game shortly before the dreaded 'bug that prints zeroes forever' appearedTwo musicians - Winners of first, second and third place at the Project 97 music competition, displayed in descending order from left to rightHLD tries to determine where that strange buzzing-clanking-zapping noise is coming fromQuetzal tries to determine where that strange screaming-buzzing_zapping noise is coming from, whilst ALiH poses in his willow pattern shirtPrimus' famous zebra pattern keyboard

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