Space Taxi II project renewed
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Work has started again on one of the games Chrome/Kitchen Sink Productions originally conceptualised back in 1994.

Erky published a preview chapter of the Space Taxi 2 novel that he is working on, to generally positive response, and that seems to have refreshed everyone’s interest in the project.

Style has been developing the physics engine over the weekend, though there is little to demonstrate at this stage. Erky will dust off his music editors and start to actualise the soundtrack he has been putting together during the intervening years. Yes, he will be doing so, won’t he?

Until Fade and Redback have time to devise new graphics, test work will likely be done with sprites ripped from the original game.

Most of the concept work is being discussed on channel so we can bounce ideas off of each other. Or just throw food around, sometimes.

More news as it comes to keyboard.

Useless item of the week
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As per Style’s suggestion.
Useless item of the week – the tape duplicator device.  It uses two datasettes – one to  play the tape, one to copy.  Uses the C64’s cassette socket power outlet with a chip that shapes the signal into nice clean square waves.  I’ve not used it myself, even though I have owned this for some 16 years.  Its lived in my desk drawer all this time.

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I couldn’t pass this one up….. this is seriously the worst cover art I’ve ever seen on anything, ever. Is anyone else thinking “backyard operators with 13 year old son”? Is anyone else thinking “why did they draw fur on that photo of the kid with down syndrome”? Is anyone else thinking “why does that poor man have a penis for a nose”?

I have no idea what the game itself is like, because the tape is now broken since I vomited on it.

Seriously, if you’re out there, and you drew this 25 years ago…… YOU SUCK.

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