Space Taxi II project renewed
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Work has started again on one of the games Chrome/Kitchen Sink Productions originally conceptualised back in 1994.

Erky published a preview chapter of the Space Taxi 2 novel that he is working on, to generally positive response, and that seems to have refreshed everyone’s interest in the project.

Style has been developing the physics engine over the weekend, though there is little to demonstrate at this stage. Erky will dust off his music editors and start to actualise the soundtrack he has been putting together during the intervening years. Yes, he will be doing so, won’t he?

Until Fade and Redback have time to devise new graphics, test work will likely be done with sprites ripped from the original game.

Most of the concept work is being discussed on channel so we can bounce ideas off of each other. Or just throw food around, sometimes.

More news as it comes to keyboard.

OK……so we are ‘woody’ apparently?
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Our spirit is bottled.... or something.So imaginative - he might as well have called it 'demo'
Update: We always thought ‘Vanadium’ was such an imaginative name……..

Random pictures of appropriate lameness
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Another test under the tutelage of Princess Mistijen.

Accordingly, here are a couple of pictures of selected quantities of Chrome.


Youthfull Chrome - (A hirsute) Style and Erky aged 19 and a bitAn aptly named store in Yokohama, JapanQuetzal gets caught and tagged before being released back into the wild

Everything lame is Chrome again
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Good morning and welcome to the new beta Chrome website.

And already that begs the question “Is anything we do ever out of Beta stage?”

The original Chrome website  has been online for a number of years but without any updates so this is an attempt to refresh it and also make it more manageable – rather than the well worn, old fashioned, hand tooled HTML that we’ve always preferred up until now.

For now, members of Chrome will be able to post updates of various of various projects that we are undertaking and also update the world as to other little side projects that we are investigating and sundry topics that capture our attention

Thank you for watching.