System updates are available – do you want to irrecoverably mangle everything now?
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Its been a while since any of us have visited the site and done some updating – the core engine itself and several plugins and themes have been updated, thankfully not ruining Mistijen’s theme.

If you do notice anything gone astray, do let me know via email to foolsdreammedia at gmail dot com

Thank you.

And then Style saw the Lame and saw that it was Wonky
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And Style took the lame database and unmunted it and made it work like it is supposed to.

And Erky saw the unmunted database and said that it is Good.  And posted an update.

And God said “Let there be lame”, and there was Chrome
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Good evening all.

Just a quick test before bedtime – seeing if I can launch an audio stream from here.

Having worked out how to create seperate pages here, I’m looking to
set up an art gallery, music page and rogue’s gallery (members page)
– not to mention a Brief History of Lame (Chrome history) and photos
from the various meetings – be it Japan, Projects 95 and 97, or just random events.

Wish me luck.

Link to The Song (second place at the Project 97 music competition).

[EDIT: Yes, it works although the streaming is a little temperamental and coughs out at random times]